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Physiotherapy is a therapy that aims to maximise, restore and maintain strength, physical function, and motor skills using physical means, such as manipulative therapy, exercises and massage. (Please note that our clinic does not use any methods involving electrotherapy or machines, such as ultrasound, TENS, etc.)

The therapist ensures that the client returns to a normal, or even improved, state of fitness. With his or her profound knowledge of the human body, the physiotherapist has the clinical ability to assess, diagnose and treat the symptoms of illnesses, injuries and disabilities.

During the evaluation, your physiotherapist will be able to assess your level of physical functioning and your strengths and weaknesses. He or she will analyze your gait, posture, balance, range of motion, etc.

The physiotherapist can prescribe personalized therapeutic exercises and teach you how to move better, restore mobility, and gain more freedom of movement in order to prevent injury to the body.

According to your condition, treatment may include mobilization, manipulative therapy, pain-reduction techniques, or exercises to help you increase your heart and lung capacity. The physiotherapist may demonstrate therapeutic exercises and provide you with information on your global health in order to establish a treatment plan and give you a prognosis for maximum potential improvement.

In order to speed up recovery, your physiotherapist may also advise use of a cane or walking stick, crutches, or a walker.

With his or her abilities in clinical assessment and professional judgment, your physiotherapist works closely with you, and frequently with other health care professionals, to ensure that your goal of returning to optimal health is met quickly and efficiently.

These treatments, focusing on the self-accountability of the client, allow you to attain the physical abilities necessary for social integration, work, leisure and sport, and other daily activities.

Care is centred on your needs; based on the results of the assessment, your physiotherapist will give you a diagnosis and work with you to give you a personalized treatment and prognosis.

Rest assured, your therapist will show you how to do your exercises properly. The results and your progress will be reassessed during subsequent visits and your program will be readjusted according to the changes you feel.



Physiotherapy is for anyone with questions about his or her peak physical potential, including:

  • people who are physically active

  • people who are not physically active

  • infants (from birth)

  • children

  • adolescents

  • pregnant women

  • athletes

  • the elderly