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History - team and founder 

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In December 2008, Anne Beaubien and Brice Gagliardi, both certified osteopaths, collaborated to create Clinique Altermed. Their goal was to extend the horizons of patient care using an interdisciplinary approach and by offering many services under the same roof. Combining complementary and alternative approaches, Clinique Altermed is one of the first establishments to offer comprehensive care in Montreal.


The original team was comprised of 10 therapists practicing osteopathy, massage therapy, acupuncture, psychology and nutrition. Shortly thereafter, an herbalist and a homeopath would complete the spectrum of services offered at Clinique Altermed.


In 2010, just one year after the clinic’s opening, the team consisted of 18 therapists working together to meet patients’ needs.


In 2015, another clinic located in the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce neighbourhood, on Monkland Street, was born. This second address meets a need that is very present in the western part of the city and its mission is to make alternative approaches more accessible to the community.

As of today, our team is made up of close to fifty therapists working in ten different health services. Classes, workshops and trainings are also available to the community in our studio rental at the NDG clinic.