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Lymphatic drainage 


Didier Gall


What is Lymphatic Drainage?

Lymphatic drainage is a gentle massage technique designed to stimulate lymphatic circulation and detoxify the body while strengthening the immune system. Manual lymphatic drainage is performed with the fingers and the palm of the hand on the whole body, following the direction of the lymphatic circulation and exerting a pressure that intensifies and then gradually decreases.

The existence of lymph has been known since 1654, thanks to the work of the Danish physiologist Thomas Bartholin. This mysterious and colorless liquid, whose function is to nourish and clean the cells, represents 15% of the body weight. When the circulation of lymph in the lymphatic vessels is deficient, the body becomes weakened and intoxicated, which leads to various health problems.

Lymph, which circulates through the body with the pulsating contractions of muscles and blood vessels, drains toxins and cellular debris. Nodes located along the lymphatic vessels, particularly in the groin folds, under the armpits and on each side of the neck, help clean the lymph before it is returned to the bloodstream through the veins.

The biggest difference is that lymph has no central engine, while the circulatory system has its pump, the heart. This results in swelling and slower elimination of toxins.

What are the 2 main methods of practicing Lymphatic Drainage?

There are two main methods in manual lymphatic drainage: the Vodder method and the Leduc method.

- Dr. Emil Vodder's practice dates back to 1932, when he developed his technique while looking for a way to treat chronic sinusitis. He then used it for other conditions for therapeutic and aesthetic purposes.

- Dr. Albert Leduc's method is based on Vodder's work, but uses somewhat different maneuvers. In addition, this approach combines MLD with the use of pressure therapy devices: we wrap the patient's legs to speak to us and express a disturbance in the dynamics of his or her life force. Thus, a consultation with a unicist homeopath in order to bring to light all of our symptoms can lead him to find the remedy that corresponds to our terrain and thus make our symptoms disappear and regain the full health of our vital energy. Here again, lymphatic drainage combined with our homeopathic remedy can accelerate the resolution and healing of our lymph-related symptoms.

Can we lose weight with Lymphatic Drainage ?

In fact, lymphatic drainage is not designed to make you lose weight (otherwise all women would receive one every week!). Only, it helps to make the lymph resume its normal path and circulation.

Lymph congestion affects the body by weakening it and intoxicating it as it carries toxins and cellular debris. Lymphatic drainage is therefore a good way to start a change in our lifestyle. We suddenly feel lighter, our body resumes its natural activity and the de-clogging allows us to feel better. However, regular physical activity and a healthy diet are essential to lose weight. By moving, by using our muscles, we release toxins naturally and we activate the lymph circulation. This makes lymphatic drainage a reality and keeps its effect longer. At the same time, we give ourselves the chance to avoid a new engorgement and thus, to start feeling swollen and unwell in our body.


All people who want to receive lymphatic drainage following an operation and/or having suffered a major circulatory problem must have medical confirmation.