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How can we help the body heal itself? 


Eddy Basch

Imagine a machine that spontaneously repairs itself whenever something goes wrong. Imagine a machine that continuously replaces itself as things wear out. Imagine a machine that is so sensitive that it responds to the smallest of changes in it’s environment. This machine like nothing we have ever built and fundamentally describes the human body which is programmed to heal, to repair and replace its components continuously, 24/7.

Sometimes The Body Gets Stuck

Although the body is a marvelous self-regulating mechanism, when it cannot over come certain obstacles, it implements highly intelligent solutions to deal with these problems. Compensations in the body are brilliant solutions.

Here’s an example: You slip and fall hard onto the buttocks. After all the bruises heal, the result may be that the right hip is few centimeters higher than the left hip. This means, that in order not to fall over towards the left side whenever you stand, the body needs to side bend towards the left in order to re-center itself. This is a brilliant solution to your problem. However, this solution requires more energy to maintain itself than if the body was properly centered and this compensation will also create its own secondary effects over time. Being side-bent to the left continuously will eventually cause more wear and tear on certain joints in the body which are working harder and in ways they were not designed to function, increasing the risk of early onset of Osteoarthritis.

Enter The Osteopath

A proper assessment of the patient can help determine which course of treatment is required to level the hips and re-center the body. In this way the need to compensate disappears and the body returns to a better state of equilibrium or homeostasis. When this is achieved, the patient’s pain will often disappear, their level of energy, and the overall state of well-being will increase and all this by simply restoring postural balance to the body.

The Job Of An Osteopath Is To Provide Opportunity To Heal

In fact, by listening to the body and understanding it needs, we can rely on the bodies self-healing capabilities to restore health. In most cases, small changes can make huge differences in the well-being of our patient’s. Such is the intelligence and self-healing power of human body.

Eddy Basch, Osteopath D.O.