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Christelle Gall - Tutoring and homework help - Primary 

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Christelle GALL - Primary school teacher

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  • Training at the IUFM of Arras (France) 1986-1987

  • Teacher's diploma in 1987 (France)

  • School teacher since 2005


I have been a teacher since 1985.
My career has led me to teach in all three learning cycles, from kindergarten to the last year of primary school (children from two years old to 12 years old).
I first taught in France, in the Hauts-de-France, for 14 years.
In 1999, I joined Stanislas College in Montreal and worked there for 23 years. I have taught there with great pleasure, in an environment marked by a multi-ethnicity that is enriching for both the teacher and the students. It is not uncommon to find eighteen different nationalities in one class.



It is truly a great challenge to lead the children on the path of the world around them, while taking into account their sensibilities, interests and their sensitivity, their interests and the learning difficulties that can sometimes arise during sometimes occur during their schooling.
A form to fill out will be sent to you before the first session in order to in order to have an overview of the situation and to take into account from the beginning important elements and benchmarks for the teacher's use.



As an educator, the practices will take the form of personalized tutoring and may

personalized tutoring and can be oriented towards various formulas adapted to your

your request and your child's needs:

  • Enrichment courses to go further in math and French

  • Consolidation of learning in a targeted subject, if your child is having difficulty in a particular area

  • Remedial classes if your child has been absent while learning a new concept in class

  • Help with homework

  • Revision (before exams)

  • The development of learning strategies so that your child gains confidence, structures his know-how and then optimizes the process of acquiring knowledge



The teacher, who accompanies the child in a learning situation, focuses on the conditions that must be met in order for the student to progress.
They work as a team with the parents.
Once trust has been established, the teacher, parents and student will work towards the same goal: the child's success. The child benefits greatly from this collaboration: he knows what is expected of him, he also knows that we are trying to accompany him in a spirit of benevolence, and he knows that he has several interlocutors at his disposal in case of difficulty



70$ per course



  • Debit (via square)

  • Cash

  • Cheque


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