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Naturopathy is a form of primary health care that combines modern scientific knowledge with traditional and natural forms of medicine.

Naturopathy focuses on disease prevention and health promotion.  It seeks to restore and maintain optimal health through the use of natural remedies and environmental lifestyle changes.

The naturopathic approach is complementary to conventional medicine.  By choosing the naturopathic approach, it is possible to minimize negative side effects and reduce the number of emergency room visits.

Naturopathy is a philosophy, an art and a science of health that relies on natural and ecological means that have proven their effectiveness and safety. It aims to educate in health matters, to prevent and heal organic imbalances, in an etiological approach taking into account the globality of the person.

Naturopathic training and practice is based on the understanding of the human body according to human biology and Chinese bio-energy. The naturopath carries out a "vitality assessment" by asking precise questions about a person's lifestyle. To refine this assessment, he uses several methods: phytotherapy, vitamin therapy, oligotherapy, nutrition, iridology and aromatherapy.

Naturopathy is a complete and coherent system that focuses on stimulating the body's natural self-healing mechanisms. The naturopath's interventions are primarily aimed at activating, nourishing and strengthening these mechanisms rather than eliminating symptoms or directly attacking pathogens.


As its name indicates, naturopathy uses natural methods to improve the quality of life, form and environment.

In spite of a healthy lifestyle, we are all likely to be exposed to various stresses or to live harmful, traumatic experiences that will undermine our health. It will then be necessary to intervene to choose the most appropriate therapy. Naturopathy, dear to ancient traditions, treats the vital energy of the human being, which must be taken care of. This vital energy, partly generic, is gradually depleted with age and the many devitalizing factors, for example; tobacco, alcohol, drug abuse, chemical pollution, electromagnetism, stress, overwork etc.

Naturopaths are general practitioners who have the necessary training and licenses to specialize in alternative medicine. Patient safety and therapeutic effectiveness are the most important elements of the treatment protocol for patients.

N.D. naturopaths have extensive theoretical and clinical training in the therapeutic uses, contraindications, adverse reactions and toxicity of natural remedies.



A consultation with a naturopath includes a detailed initial assessment. He considers the individual as a whole and examines the physiological, genetic, structural, psychological, spiritual and environmental aspects of his health.  The goal is to establish the causes and contributors that are responsible for the symptoms.

In addition, he determines the level of intoxication of the organs and will recommend ways to increase the functions of the organs of elimination in order to decrease the toxic load.

An individualized and targeted naturopathic treatment plan will be put forward.  This will include, depending on the case, lifestyle adjustments (diet, hygiene, sleep, etc.), homeopathy, botanical medicine, Chinese medicine and supplements.

The naturopathic doctor uses proven research findings combined with traditional forms of healing to determine his or her therapeutic plan.  Naturopathic medicine is for people with chronic illnesses or acute problems as well as for those who value disease prevention and better health.