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Telerehabilitation, videoconferencing and Teleworking 

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Telerehabilitation is a virtual consultation session with your therapist. Through your computer, cell phone or tablet, the professional is able to evaluate your condition, follow up on a known condition and recommend the appropriate treatment.

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When you make your appointment, your therapist will ask you a few questions to clarify your condition

Documents will be sent to you by email to prepare you for your first session

At the time of your appointment, you will join your therapist in the virtual consultation platform for your session

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services offered


Osteopathic advice



Home support (covid)

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course of the sessions

Assessment of movement and demonstration of self-mobilization techniques

Demonstrate and correct mobility and strength exercises to treat condition and pain

Teaching of myofascial release techniques to counteract muscle tension

Presentation of proper techniques for releasing muscles and trigger points

Balancing training to minimize the risk of falls due to lack of movement

Self-massage or self-mobilization techniques for stiff joints

Advice, positioning and self-treatment of headaches

Postural correction

Ergonomics of the work desk

Advice on the best sleeping position, type of pillows, sitting posture on the couch or workstation, posture for cooking, dressing, etc.

Adjustments and advice on walking aids or sports equipment (running shoes or work shoes)

Correction and advice on walking patterns and stairs