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The therapeutic alliance in my journey 


Clinique altermed

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As a client, you play an essential role in creating a strong therapeutic alliance between you and your therapist. This alliance is based on trust, open communication and mutual respect, and can greatly influence your therapeutic experience. Here are some key points to consider so that you can help strengthen this alliance:

Trust: It's essential that you feel at ease with your therapist. Be open to expressing your thoughts and emotions, knowing that you're in a safe environment.

Open communication: Don't hesitate to share your concerns, doubts and expectations with your therapist. Honest communication is the key to creating a strong relationship.

Your voice counts: Your experience and perspective are important. Don't hesitate to express how you feel, and actively participate in the treatment process.

Collaboration: You are an active partner in your own treatment. Work with your therapist to define goals and strategies that work for you.

Feedback: Don't hesitate to give your opinion on your therapeutic experience. Your feedback is valuable and can help improve your treatment.

Your autonomy: Your choices and decisions are respected. You are in control of your treatment, and your autonomy is a priority.

Ask questions: Don't hesitate to ask questions about the treatment process, techniques used and expectations. Mutual understanding is essential.

Your emotions count: Your emotions are valid, and it's important that you feel understood and supported.

Reflection: Take time to reflect on the therapeutic relationship, and share your thoughts with your therapist. This can help maintain a positive and productive relationship.

Your individuality: You are unique, and your therapist will adapt to your needs and preferences to personalize your treatment.

By actively participating in creating a strong therapeutic alliance, you help maximize the benefits of your treatment and promote your emotional well-being and personal development.